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Project Name:OLA
Developer:Anchorvale Pte. Ltd. (EVIA Real Estate and Gamuda Land (Singapore))
Address:70 -86 Anchorvale Crescent
Tenure:99 years leasehold wef 23 Aug 2019
Site Area:17,137.3 sqm / 184,465.9 sqft
Type of Development:Executive Condominium
No. Of Units:548
No. of Blocks/Storeys:9 Blocks of 16-Storey Residential Flat Development with Basement Carpark
No. Of Carparks:548 residential and 3 handicap lots
Plot Ratio:3
Architect:AGA Architects Pte Ltd
Landscape Consultant:Ecoplan Asia
Main Contractor:Wee Poh Construction Co. Pte. Ltd
Conveyance Solicitor:Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP
Facilities:50m Lap Pool, Spa Forest, Sensorio Walk, Culinary Canbana, Tennis Court, Clubhouse, Gymnasium, Rooftop Bar, BBQ Pavilion
Developer Licence:C1348
Project Account No.:DBS Bank Ltd for Project A/C No. 003-700136-8 of Anchorvale Pte. Ltd.
Expected Date of TOP:14 Dec 2023
Expected Date of Legal Completion:14 Dec 2026


OLA EC Location Map



OLA Development Concept


Overall Architecture / Lifestyle Concept

OLA propagates a lifestyle that encourages residents to feel excited when they return home – it is a place where dreams come alive, and where imagination knows no boundaries. OLA celebrates life led well, and through artistic touches derived from the best of Spanish art & design sensibilities, the development boasts spaces that are classily designed and luxuriously fitted.

The Spanish culture has a rich tradition in art that has played a major role in shaping modern art and architecture. Within the Spanish culture, buildings are not merely physical structures but also mean of communication. They reflect community values and pursuits.

The design of OLA is inspired by the Spanish contribution to the art world. It adopts some of the intriguing attributes in hopes of enriching the community within the development.

OLA aspires to be distinctive in forging a strong presence in its neighborhood. It embraces a contemporary lifestyle, all set within a refined built environment.

With 548 residential apartments, OLA is designed with the residents in mind. It caters to individuals seeking solace in the tranquility and serenity of a contemporary home. Each apartment is thoughtfully designed to optimize views and allow natural daylight into the apartment, while avoiding the east-west orientation. Within the apartments are finishes and provisions befitting contemporary homes.

Within OLA, a series of residential towers are intentionally placed to display order in a rhythmic manner. They are also deliberately staggered to mitigate and avoid imposing scales.

A lush and spacious landscape space in the middle of the development features extensive communal facilities that blends with nature. Here, the three-dimensional qualities of the communal space are designed with the provision of elevated board- walks and sky-pavilions. The appeal of the landscape galvanizes with the natural environment by introducing multiple levels/avenues that attracts attention and stimulates movement.

The architecture of OLA is inspired by the ideas of Spanish Cubism, which is characterized by the use of geometric shapes, interlocking planes and color range, to accentuate the three-dimensional representation of art.

The design of the residential towers features asymmetrical facade that embraces the characteristics of Cubism. The choice of grey and beige color palette, with patterned groove lines at strategic planes, is applied to provide depth and contrast. At the external, a series of define patterns/motifs in the form of lattice and screens provide rhythmic play at multiple scales to further animate the built-environment.

At the simple perceptual level, the organization orchestrates light and shade to give the architecture a vibrant dynamism that is unique to OLA.


Architecture / Lifestyle Concept

The design inspiration takes influences from the Spanish culture, such as the warmth of family and love, the quality of craftsmanship, and the ways of living an inspired life.

Using the ideas of community behind Spanish philosophies, the spaces are designed in a way whereby there is a right dynamic between people, architecture and environment.

These spaces are then incorporated into a three-dimensional approach with a multi- leveled recreational space that bring people together and create the traction for communities and bonds to form.

    Unique Designs:

  • Large area of landscaping
  • Dual level communal activity, entertainment spaces
  • All units North – South Facing
  • Efficient Floor Plan
  • Curtain wall
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Flexi Space for (19%) of the units
  • Penthouse Units comes with higher ceiling for all areas


Recreational Facilities / Unique Faccilities

From the entrance of the development, the view opens to the landscape deck, leading users within the mystic spaces. The arrival deck is bright and welcoming. Open spaces are created in between the different buildings in order to bring in more light and provide an airy atmosphere. Greenery is juxtaposed against light walls, and light fixtures are abundant throughout.

Following the entrance drop off, the exclusive deck and pool area is next. Wooden paneling is used alongside leafy palms to creaatee a recreational holiday experience. People can indulge in swimming in the clear waters, and even partake in leisurely activity like lounging along the pool. The colours and overall theme reflect the Spanish colours and pattern designs. Let the water sooth the stress of work and everyday life, and allow all your worries to dissipate and fade into the water. There will be a sculptured lush planting at the side, accompanied with other pool facilities which can be enjoyed by both the young and old alike.

Deck chairs with leafy palms and bar chairs adorned with huge light umbrellas will shelter those who choose to be out of the sun and provide a spa like atmosphere. Watch the magnificent sunset or lie under the stars in the dark of the night. The family area further down would be a more vibrant and lively area as it doubles as both a family activities playground and a gathering and party area. Here, families can walk along the water and the planks while learning more about the flora and fauna of the project. Small pockets of spaces are created for a more intimate gathering space.

Furniture and materials used at OLA EC will be varying Spanish themed colours, and the entire project would evoke fun and vibrancy yet supply the peaceful sense of being within the development.


OLA EC Unit Mix


2 Bedroom30775 sqft
3 Bedroom196926 sqft
3 Bedroom Deluxe15947 sqft
3 Bedroom Premium2111,001 sqft
4 Bedroom871,389 sqft
5 Bedroom91,722 sqft


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